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Festival fantazie 1.-12.7.2015

Prestigious festival of games, sci-fi, fantasy and horror.
Part of the Festival fantazie series (since 1996).

PC, console & music games, board & card games, action figures, RPG... 
Sci-fi, science & technologies; horror, fantasy, myths & history; anime...
Gaming and tournaments; serials and movies; lectures, Q&A sessions,workshops, contests, theatrical performances...
... and guests from abroad!



26. 04. 2013 facebook

We start new version of ordering and programming system AMBER for buying of entry tickets, seat reservation tickets, services and accessories.


18. 04. 2013 facebook

Fourth guest of Festival fantazie 2013 is screenwriter, director and actor od web series Sandeep Parikh (for example Zaboo from The Guild)


11. 04. 2013 facebook

Third guest of FF 2013 is american author, videogame screenwriter Michael A. Stackpole (novels Star Wars, Age of Discovery, World of Warcraft)


02. 04. 2013 facebook

We start registration for Festival fantazie 2013 in "old" Amber and under some limits.


27. 03. 2013 facebook

First version of program for FF 2013 promises next wonderful fantastic holidays wih friends and entertainment.


26. 03. 2013 facebook

Second confirmed guest of FF 2013: Canadian actor born in Prague - David Nykl, known as Dr. Zelenka from Stargate Atlantis.


20. 03. 2013 facebook

First confirmed guest of FF 2013 is american actor Tony Amendola, known as Master Bra'tac from Stargate SG-1.


12. 02. 2013 facebook

We start preparation of 18th Festival fantazie 2013. You can looking forward to rich program with foreign guests, wide spectre of services and wonderfull unique athmosphere.

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